Spring Fever

As I headed out for a nice tromp through my pastures last night, I took a moment to enjoy the beauty. trees looking green and gorgeous, grass growing lush after the rain, and the lovely smells of mother earth.

Then a voice popped in and said, you may want to go count your bulls. OK! as I rounded the corner of the shed, my horse was on the other side and gave me a sideways look that said “Do not catch me, I HATE chasing bulls” then I knew….. and I heard Grumpy Frank mooing as he lumbered down the pasture out of sight.

“MOO~ladies I am here” “MOO~ladies where are you??”

“Moo~quick before I get caught.” MOOOOOOOO freeeedom”

And yes there was a cow who was teasing poor Frank earlier.  Flirting and looking all pretty on the other side of the fence. But…. he did not get any action in. I stomped back to the house, after sending my horse a reassuring vibe, I do not like chasing bulls any more than he does.

My horse and I have an understanding. We leave the bull chasing to others. so, I stomped in and told my husband that HIS bull was out again!! He went out got on the Quad (an in the mood bull, being thwarted in his desires can be a little dangerous for horse and rider) so quad it is! When Hubby went out the cow was nowhere to be seen (what a tease) and when Frank heard that Quad he decided to jump a fence, well Frank is not nearly as athletic as he thinks he is. This is the bull who after about 3 weeks of hanging with the cows and doing his thing, quits and pouts in a far corner for another couple of weeks. Probably wears himself out and has to go for some alone time. So in his attempt to sail over a fence in the style of a Spruce meadows jumper, he flattened 4 posts and made a hole big enough for a truck to drive through.

I am pretty sure there was some colorful words said by my husband towards Frank regarding the whole fact that now there is MORE fencing to do. after a merry chase the long way around the pasture Frank is in and his pen is now steel panels. Although I am sure he is plotting his next escape. I have been trying to tell him, only one more week. Friends are coming Saturday to round up, and process the calves, then the bulls get turned out. meanwhile while all this is going on the other 2 bulls (baby Frank and Timothy~munchkins named the bulls) are fighting each other and being oblivious. I did see them conferencing with grumpy Frank and getting the tales of his exploits. He is sequestered now, they have to chat through the fence.

I am hoping that Frank is tired and stays in while Hubby is at work. If he gets out now he gets to stay out until this evening. I tried chasing him in last year when he was making his break out, and NO THANKS!!! He used to be called friendly Frank, got changed. and that is when my munchkins learned that some words are only used for Bull chasing. Ooops!! I did get my walk in after ~ quite lovely. Before I went to bed I saw that Annabelle my DIVA longhorn was out too. She does not believe in limits or boundaries, at least she was in a pasture and not the yard, so we left her. She can put herself back in. Probably did it to taunt Grumpy Frank. Hee hee!! That did make me smile.

Hugs & happiness