Daily Oracle Card ~ Vigilance.
Contrary to popular belief, you can collaborate with fear. Wild herds may momentarily startle and then go back to grazing. But when the horse returns later with an empty stomach, the herd will break into a run.
Luckily, our subconscious has devised a variety of fail-safes or “intensification” of instructive emotions we refuse to heed. When we recognize worry, anxiety, and confusion as fear’s attempts to increase the volume, we’re given multiple warnings before we wander further into peril.
Ego-based fear is different. It comes from the ego’s aversion to experimenting, making mistakes, especially in front of others, and possibly looking like a fool now and then. The key lies in separating it from the body’s natural warning system. Allowing ourselves the vulnerability to embrace the ego-based fear and do it anyway cracks open some of our protective layers and lets more of our true selves shine through.
To assess the message behind vigilance, it’s prudent to check for a threat in your external environment. If not, consider the possibility that it may be a vulnerability, an internal threat, by asking the following questions: “What belief, behaviour, or perception is being challenged?” and “Who can help me integrate this new information? That’s fear with a capital F, and you’re advised to step back, slow down, reassess, and move to safety.
It takes courage to feel vulnerable, even when this feeling rises through an intensely positive experience. The temptation to run back to the barn can be overwhelming. And yet even this type of fear carries an important message. It tells us we need to strengthen our ability to experiment, dream, and adapt- finally, work up the nerve to kick up our heels, enjoy life, play the fool, and find genius in disguise. A much more inventive, empowered spirit emerges as we gain confidence in taking chances and recognize fear as a friend. When fear is no longer seen as the enemy, it can’t possibly intimidate or betray us; it can only save the day. 🤎 Way of the Horse Oracles