Daily Oracle Card ~ THE STORYTELLER
Key concepts: identity, positive self-definition, teaching others how to treat you through the stories you tell about who you are
Do you know the story you tell others about who you are? You are a unique being with unique talents, and a story unique to you and your experience—in fact, your destiny—can be found in the way you weave together these threads of yourself in the world. If there’s anything in your life you want to change, then it’s time to adjust the story you tell about yourself.
Perhaps you are too self-deprecating or apologetic about how you shine, minimizing your power so others will accept you. Perhaps the way you voice your expectations diminishes your ability to succeed, or you are too willing to tolerate a less-than-supportive environment.
It’s easy to be in denial when it comes to others and their behavior toward you. Understand, however, that you teach people how to treat you through how you talk about yourself. Once you recognize what story you’re telling others about how to treat you, you can tell a different one.
What if you could connect to your true power as a co-creator of your reality? The story originates in your mind: how you think, your conditioning and past experiences, how you view the world, and what you expect to see in it. The truth is, you have everything you need to tell a new tale and weave more blessings into the world as your unique contribution.
In fact, practice speaking of your amazing success, your overflowing abundance, and all the love that surrounds you. Soon, the outer world will tell the same story back to you! 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies