Spirit Guardian of Spring. Activation.

Daily Oracle Card ~ Spirit Guardian of Spring. Activation.
Daffodils are surfacing through the dark, rich soil. Tiny green buds are bursting forth on every tree, as a cacophony of birdsong fills the air. Flowers are bursting into bloom, and there is a wild scampering through the forest as creatures, large and small, revel in the glorious energy of spring. A new cycle has begun again.
Do not hesitate- the time is now! Take action. It’s okay if you are hesitant or even afraid; face that fear and do it anyway. There are times to pull back and think carefully before every action, but this isn’t one of those times. Forge forward with courage and certainty. A new beginning awaits you.
You might experience some chaos or turmoil, but that is all part of this exciting time of activation. Do not allow upheaval to disrupt your forward trajectory. Be courageous and forthright. Make your decisions swiftly and with confidence, and then act on them with steely resolve.
In ancient times, people employed springtime ceremonies to clear out the old and invite in the new. 
Spring was seen as a time of new life- seeds sprouting, eggs hatching, animals giving birth- and new beginnings. Spring also refers to hope, renewal, growth, youth, and love… and ceremonies were done to honour this transition in life.
Things that have been incubating are now coming to life. A profound transformation is ahead. Prepare for this time of upheaval, fluctuations, and renewal- and the end result will be glorious! 💚 Sacred Forest Oracle Cards