Daily Oracle Card ~ Protection
Guardian Oak
In many traditions, the oak tree is associated with wisdom, strength, and protection.
One of the many remarkable things about the oak is that from the smallest acorn, a powerful tree of enormous size can spring forth and live for hundreds of years.
The roots of the oak go as deep into the earth as its branches reach into the sky.
The oak is honored for its expanse, its nobility, and its endurance. Additionally, its tendency to attract lightning confirmed in the minds of many ancients that the oak represented life-force, vitality, and strength. Many cultures revered the oak and honored the living spirit within it. They believed that there was a mystic doorway in the oak tree through which one could travel to inner worlds. Oak is one of the most compelling symbols for protection.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
One of the most potent signs on the sacred landscape is the ancient oak.
It carries numerous meanings. You are protected.
You can weather anything. Your roots go deep.
You are brave, and you can survive anything. Stand strong.
You carry the energy of a leader, and you have great authority in life.
Great wisdom is expanding within you, and others sense this.
This card can also mean to protect your assets;
take care to guard and protect your home, your loved ones,
and yourself.🖤 Sacred Destiny Oracles