Taking Risks

Daily Oracle Card ~ Taking Risks
High Plateau
A high plateau is a large, flat area of land that is significantly higher than the landscape around it. The sides, at least one or two, are sheer and steep. These formations are typically caused by the upwelling of volcanic magma, tectonic movement, or even erosion.
Some indigenous groups call these tablelands tepui, which means “house of the gods.” When you stand at the edge of one of the sheer walls, you can feel that you are in the place of the gods.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
When you draw this card, it is time to step beyond your normal, everyday life. Take some risks. Face your fears. Do things in a new and even unorthodox way. Listen more to your inner voice than to the voices and opinions of others.
Rather than running from potential failure, embrace it. History has shown that those willing to face failure will often succeed in a massive way later. 🧡 Sacred Destiny