Daily Oracle Card ~ Intuition.
Intuition not only connects us to a deeper, more soulful consciousness, but it reminds us that the universe is a latticework of relationships. In accepting the gift of expanded awareness, you must monitor your shadow and remember that you’re human. When the ego takes credit for extrasensory perception, it becomes inflated and dangerous.
Intuition is tricky. Essentially a catchall for nonrational forms of perception–from hunches, gut feelings, and ideas that “come out of nowhere” to inner voices, animal communication, dreams, and visions–the phenomenon is attributed to saints and madmen.
To the rational mind, it’s evidence of insanity. To the religious mind, it’s either a privileged communication from God or the work of the devil. To the experienced meditator, it’s a side effect of enlightenment. To the psychic, it may be a gift, a curse, or a way to make a living–or an escape. 
The simple truth of the matter is that everyone has intuitive insights. Whether we’ve grown up suppressing or exploiting this natural ability, the key is using it without becoming infatuated or inflated.
Even the best psychics, intuitives, and animal communicators must continually do their own personal work.
It’s beneficial to embrace Intuition while cultivating a discerning, witnessing mind that is like dealing with strong emotions. Conclusions based on logic do not always coincide with reality. They need to be interpreted, tested, and sometimes amended. The same goes for nonrational insights. 
To make things a bit more interesting — and confusing–literal and metaphoric insights sit side by side when you open up to Intuition. Sometimes, the information is quite obviously metaphoric. Interpreting what it means for you is part of the process and your personal journey. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards