Inner Temple

Daily Oracle Card ~ INNER TEMPLE
Devotion. Tune in to the portal of your heart.
You are being called to be a devoted student and tune in to your heart. To incorporate true devotion into your life. You could be being called to develop a regular meditation, journaling, or chanting practice. Or to show up to your soul with rhythm. To develop a daily practice where you fill up your well and spend time with your soul.
All of the answers to all of the questions that you seek are waiting for you in the portal of your heart. But you cannot hear them unless you carve out time each day to listen. Your soul is yearning for a deeper relationship with you, and so the more time you spend with it and show up to it, the more clearly it will guide you.
We are here to grow as souls. Earth is one big playground for the soul to learn. And you are being called to go deeper in your soul growth or to increase your devotion by being a student of a lineage or a spiritual teacher.
If you have already been a committed student, then you are being commended for your devotion. Your guides want you to know how proud of you they are, and that the time you spend in devotion is priceless.
If you are questioning your career or life path, your guides want you to turn your focus toward devotion and this prayer: ‘Please use me in a way that delights my mind, body, and soul. May my life be one big moving prayer.’ 🩷 Work Your Light Oracles