Going Forward

Daily Oracle Card ~ Going Forward
Grassy Hills
Grasses are one the most abundant families of plants on earth. From the earliest days of human history, grasses have played an important role in life. We eat grasses: oat, barley, and wheat are kinds of grass.
We have thatched our roofs with it, fed our animals with it, walked on it, had picnics on it, and made love on it. Its matrix of roots prevents erosion, and its lush, rapid growth produces volumes of oxygen.
Grasses are one of the world’s most significant food sources. Grass, in past times, has symbolized growth, productiveness, prosperity, new ideas, and fulfillment.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
When you receive this card, fertility, productivity, love, health, abundance, and fulfillment are ahead for you.
Things are growing and expanding in your life. Keep going forward.
Sometimes it may be easy to be distracted by what’s occurring around you, but this card indicates that it is important to not let anything hold you back from increasing the bounty in your life.
Step up and know that your needs will be taken care of. Your life is escalating and intensifying in the best possible way and for your highest good. 💚 Sacred Destiny Oracles