Daily Oracle Card ~ Transformation.
On a butterfly’s wings, a vibrant, multi-coloured horse remembers the landscape of paradise. The roller coaster ride of life reveals a timeless source of peace. True freedom demands relinquishing limiting patterns and beliefs. A part of you must die to be reborn.
 Like a caterpillar relinquishes its form, literally dissolving in the cocoon, Transformation begins with sacrifice. Humans, too, are designed for Transformation, although we all too often resist it. But do we really have a choice? As much as we cultivate security and predictability, life won’t stand still. Any THING we attach happiness to changes, passes away, or fades through attrition.
Yet, when we dare to move beyond our self-imposed limits, we don’t lose the knowledge of a lifetime; we reclaim power from habits inadvertently accumulated along the way. Everything we do and think originally arises purposefully, allowing us to survive, fit in, make a living, and start a family. At a certain point, however, some of our dearest thoughts and behaviours outlive their usefulness and become downright parasitic, siphoning energy that could fuel a more rarefied, expansive consciousness.
“our place in this life, our only place, is wherever we find ourselves in each instant. An effort is made, and results arise. The energy will go where the energy needs to go. The only thing to do is live without resentment toward life and pay attention to whatever teachers arise” ~ Zen masters. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles