Gaia. Earth

Daily Oracle Cards ~ GAIA. Earth
Empowerment Message:
Being grounded, slowing down, and remaining present in your body is the message that the Greek goddess Gaia has for you right now. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time in your head lately and have not taken as good care of yourself as you would have liked.
Get into a rhythm, make sure you get enough sleep, commit to spending more time in nature, and eat sustainably with conscious awareness. Gaia, the earth, mother of all life, invites you to pay attention to your body, for you are a creature of the earth as well as spirit.
You are part of this living earth, which is the foundation for all of life that has a physical form. What form does your life take? This is the perfect time to take a closer look to ensure you’re happy with it. You’re also asked to examine the foundation of what you are building now. Does it feel solid and stable?
Now is the perfect time to focus on stability and security, ensuring you move forward in a grounded way. The goddess Gaia reminds you that the earth is the playground for conscious manifestation, so be respectful of this truth. 💚 Goddess Power Oracles