Daily Oracle ~ Endurance.
Inspiration and dedication combine to fulfill your heart’s desire. The path to success is filled with unexpected detours that teach you more than you bargained for.
Inspiration and obsession carry tremendous energy. Yet you also need the conviction to plod along, day after day, through all the boring, infuriating details–without getting caught up in any one of them.
You need to realize that whatever timeline you set for this goal will probably take two or three times longer to achieve. And the resistance you’ll encounter at times is unfathomable.
After all, if most innovators had any idea what it would really take to succeed in the world, they would most likely run screaming to the nearest coffee shop and demand a job.
Trust, adaptability, and strength of conviction will see you through. Why do some people, even those with seemingly realistic inventions, great genius, or prodigious talent, never quite fulfill their potential, while others with less organized, outlandish ideas pull off the miraculous? The successful ones have one thing in common: endurance, the ability to hold true to a vision despite a seemingly endless array of obstacles. 💚 
Way of the Horse Oracles