Daily Oracle Card ~Believe.
Call it Soul, Spirit, or the Authentic Self: the part of you
that accesses fresh ways of seeing and being is also capable of marshalling incredible resources. The most creative aspects of consciousness are the hardest to define and pin down.
In trying to form a solid, predictable identity, you lose contact with the vital presence of your true self.
We can fall into the trap of identifying exclusively with images of who we are. Encouraged to practice the fine art of ego building from the day we are born; we learn to deftly slice off shards of what we don’t want to be while refining the qualities we think would be the most pleasing.
Parents, teachers, and peers are the first critics we encounter; over time, we internalize their aesthetics, trying to live up to their expectations.
These facades we don for the sake of fitting in can become cloaks disguising who we really are. Learning to separate ourselves from the disguise we wear and expect others to wear is the challenge of a lifetime.
In this effort, horses can be effective teachers.
They’re not only attracted to authenticity, but they can also help people shift out of ego orientation into an experience of pure presence.
Once you practice BEING you without the pretense of without it gets easier and easier.
Aligning yourself with the Authentic you; Allowing yourself to be free from posturing and facades is a gift only you can give to yourself. 💚 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards