Friendly Skies

Daily Oracle Card ~ Friendly Skies
Take Flight with your soul and guides of highest consciousness.  There are no limits.
Your guides are inviting you to fly through the heavens with your thoughts, feelings and imagination. There is no limit to the amount of love and guidance available to you from above. Our angel friends are there to provide safe lift offs and landings.
Asking for help gives them permission to take your soul to new heights. They know this journey isn’t always easy, but they also assure you it is an adventure worth having.
No solo flights are happening for your soul. It’s part of a heavenly community. That love can take you over the moon and beyond.
This card has arrived to reassure you taking flight with your psychic sight is not only safe, it can be fun, too. This is your invitation to try the friendly skies. 💙 Audacious Action Angels Oracle Cards.