Back to Grazing

Daily Oracle Card ~ Back to Grazing.
When you move through emotions like horses do and get the message behind a troubling feeling and change something in response, you experience more significant periods of authentic peace and fulfillment.
To truly enjoy life, to see yourself and others in fresh ways, you must be willing to let go of the stories that keep you tied to the past.
Horses are models of emotional agility. When something scares them, they startle and bolt. When the danger passes, they relax and go back to grazing. They don’t spend the afternoon ruminating over the fact that they had to run from a predator and don’t stay up all night worrying about future encounters with lions, tigers, and bears. Trust in the universe flows in their veins. The world, after all, is a salad to them.
Compared to horses, human beings are drama junkies. We love stories filled with excitement and intrigue and are very good at telling them. Yet that same gift for storytelling is another one of those double-edged swords. When we keep telling the same sordid tales repeatedly about how our parents neglected us, how our best friend betrayed us, how our husbands or wives don’t understand us, we can’t relax.
The very act of trying to suppress emotion and avoid conflict at all costs makes it worse. It’s impossible to experience authentic joy when you’ve been seething with unresolved anger for years. Yet when you learn to use emotion as information and have the courage to act on that information, you too can develop the emotional agility to move through troubling feelings, accessing a deeper sense of trust and tranquillity underneath.
We all make mistakes, but when you’re willing to learn from them and not hang onto their energies, you can move forward through the skirmishes and return to enjoying life. 💛 Way of the Horse Oracle Cards