Earth Pulsing

Daily Oracle Card ~ EARTH PULSING
Pulse of the Mother. Slow down. Time in nature.
A mysterious pulse is woven through all of life. The planet itself has a rhythm you can see it in the seasons and the tides. In our world of artificial lighting, long working hours, and modern conveniences, it’s easy for us to feel stuck and off-kilter.
It’s time to reconnect with nature and surrender to the pulse of the Earth.
Today, many of us are disconnected from the land beneath us. Somewhere along the way a severing happened. A moment when it became too painful to stay connected. We feel unsupported, and as if we don’t belong. We look to other people and the external world to fill the void of the connection, holding, and belonging once given to us by the Earth.
Taking. Clutching. Conquering. Longing for others to receive us fully, as the Mother once did.
Forgetting that she’s still here, waiting for us to remember and activate the part of us that longs to receive Her embrace.
When you consciously connect with the Earth, a veil is lifted and She opens up and receives you more fully. You’re able to drink from Her sweet waters and release what no longer serves you. Stagnant energy falls away and you become connected to all things on the planet. 💚 Starseed Oracles