Daily Oracle Cad ~ PLAY
Have fun. Celebrate. Don’t be so serious.
Stop taking life so seriously; your spirit needs to have some fun. The more you play, the more inspiration will follow. Take some time out to do something, without being attached to the outcome.
You are being called to rest and play, and learn to have more fun. Do something that makes you laugh – the best medicine around. Call up a friend that you can be silly with. Take your inner child on a date. The more you switch off your mind, the more room your spirit has to whisper and guide. When we do things without being attached to the outcome, ideas, clarity, guidance, and solutions have the space to drop in.
The left and right hemispheres of the brain can begin talking to each other. Make play a compulsory part of your day. Schedule it.
Spend more time doing things just because you love to do them. Just because they bring you joy and light you up. If you follow what lights you up, you will light up the world without even trying. For when you are lit up, you are in your spirit and when you are in your spirit you fall into flow with life.
How do you play? What do you do to have fun? What lights you up?
If you have been working hard lately, it’s time to celebrate how far you have come – all that you’ve achieved.
Don’t rush on to the next thing, take a moment to throw a party, go on vacation, or have some fun. 💖 Work Your Light Oracles