Take a Break

Daily Oracle Card ~ TAKE A BREAK
A life’s work, not a season. Get off the treadmill.
It’s OK to take a break and enjoy your creations. To take a moment from your busy schedule. To get off the treadmill of life. To appreciate and acknowledge all that you have created, achieved, released, or experienced before rushing on to the next thing.
To be in the moment and enjoy where you are. To take a breath and regather your mind, body, and spirit.
To recalibrate, appreciate, and celebrate. To decide on what you really want to experience next. If you take a moment you
 are not going to miss out.
Perhaps you have just completed a big project, manifested something significant in your life, released an old way of being, or just been burning the candle at both ends.
Now is the time to take some time out before rushing on to the next thing. You did it! Enjoy yourself and recalibrate.
Go on vacation, book a massage, take long walks in nature, go away for a rejuvenating weekend to recharge and replenish. 💖 
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