Peacock Spirit

Daily Oracle Card ~ PEACOCK SPIRIT
Let it shine!
Oracle Message: When is the last time you shook a tail feather and shined your light for all to see?
Within each of us is a Peacock Spirit yearning for expression, and you are called now to show the world the gorgeous creature you are, for you are a manifestation of Spirit. “Come out from the shadows,” Peacock Spirit says, and show your true colors so that others may be inspired to express their own exquisiteness.
Dance as if you remember that you are made of stardust and grace, filled with life-force energy and sparkling light! You are a channel for divine love, and your dance is one of a kind.
Catch the light and help it to shimmer and dance in celebration of your good fortune of being right here, right now. Spirit wants you to be joyful so that others may get up and dance along with you.
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