New Beginnings

Daily Oracle Card ~ New Beginnings
Radiant Sunrise
The sun is the most profound symbol of life itself, large enough to fit one million Earths inside it. In ancient cultures the largess of the rising sun represented hope and the understanding that life begins again, fresh and new.
Responsible for the climate and weather of the earth, it is the symbol of birth and rebirth. It can also represent resurrection and a time of profound spiritual awakening. It symbolizes the end of darkness and the beginning of light, and an initiation of a whole new cycle.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Your life is expanding in profound and wondrous ways. New experiences and ideas are emerging. Vitality and wide-open opportunities are at hand. Seize the day! This is a perfect time to begin that new project or give birth to an emerging idea.
Timing is everything, and the time is now. Anything and everything is possible. Good fortune awaits you.
The rising sun is the ultimate symbol of the yang principle: expanding power and activity. 
You are radiant and luminous. There is a glow within you that can be felt by all. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracles