Daily Oracle ~ Happiness
Shimmering Sunshine
Our sun is at the center of our solar system. Our planet and our lives revolve around its cycles of light and dark. Our inner and outer biological rhythms—as well as the rhythms of every animate and inert part of life—are ruled by this celestial force. In the far past, the sun has been thought of as a god.
Traditionally, it has been associated with happiness, joy, hope, enlightenment, illumination, truth, cheer, warmth, and goodwill.
Additionally, sunlight is an expansive force. When something is heating up by the light of the sun, it enlarges. Without the energy of the sun, things contract.
The sun carries the deepest energies of expansion in life, so to receive this card is to know that you are expanding.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Click your heels and shout for joy! The signs are with you. Let your light shine! Abounding good luck awaits you. A gateway is opening for even more joy and happiness. Your life is expanding.
Opportunities are emerging. This is the time to go forward with glee. Love deeply and fully. Embrace life with open arms. Goodness is flowing to you!
The only thing to be aware of is to monitor your expansion in a metered way. Too much, too fast can be overwhelming. 💙
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