Discernment. Point of View

Daily Oracle Card ~ Point Of View.
Discernment is the champion of authenticity and fulfillment. Healthy cynicism questions the self before others. Uncovering your true motivation, false assumptions, and hollow ambitions requires courage and compassion.
Many people begin riding later in life purely for the love of horses. Yet, after a year or two of lessons, they’re filled with frustration and performance anxiety. Somehow they get roped into entering the horse-show circuit, not because they enjoy competing but because their trainers measure success by how many ribbons students can win.
There is a fine line to the power of positive thinking. We all have False Self voices inside us that tell us we’re not good enough, innovative enough, thin enough, athletic enough, disciplined enough, or creative enough to realize some goal or other. To achieve anything of significance, we must act despite these repressive internal tape loops. 
And yet we must make sure our motivations are clear and authentic.
False Self ambitions are based on gaining outside approval, upholding a belief system, fortifying a limited personal identity, or trying to copy someone else’s “formula for success.” yet when we operate from a more fluid, responsive, authentic inner core, we don’t naively look on the bright side of things. 
We replace rigid judgment with more reliable and immensely more realistic discernment, a sharp, agile intelligence willing to experiment, evaluate, and constantly update goals and strategies- at work, in relationships, and at the barn. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles