Daily Oracle Card ~ Diligence
Fallow Field
Traditionally, fields were left fallow—unfarmed—for extended periods of time to allow the soil to recover and rebalance its nutrients, to break disease and pest cycles, and to provide a haven for wildlife. Letting fields lie fallow meant that the subsequent crops were much healthier and more vibrant.
Engaging in this time-honored process takes patience and diligence, but the results are worth the wait.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
There are times in life to step forward and take risks, but there are other times to be patient, step carefully and slowly, and know that the benefits you will gain in the future will be worth it.
Be attentive, meticulous, and persistent. Use this time to plan for action steps in the future. Be diligent and consistent at each step as you move forward. By doing so, you will harvest remarkable results in the years ahead. This is not the time for instant gratification.
Your diligence will pay off in the future, tenfold. This is the time for deliberate organization. Clean house. Clear clutter out of your life. Be thoughtful about how you spend your time, and be discerning when choosing with whom you spend it. Clear out relationships that do not support you. 💚 Sacred Destiny Oracles