Daily Oracle Card ~ Blessings
Holy Spring
In many ancient cultures, it was believed that there were some springs that were holy. Gods and goddesses were thought to reside in or near these special places, and they were revered. Greek mythology is replete with stories of these special places.
Many of the Christian hallowed water sources, such as the Chalice Well, were used for sacred purposes long before Christianity rose to prominence. These kinds of springs were thought to be healing waters where blessings were bestowed by mystical beings.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Immense blessings are emerging into your life from those in Spirit. Angels, guides, and spirit guardians are watching over you. Angelic intervention is available to you.
Be open to the voice of the Divine. Messages are all around you.
You are protected; you are safe. Have faith that your path is guided. Watch for signs that spiritual beings are present. Profound healing energy is flowing to you in wondrous ways. Refreshing, replenishing energy is filling your life. 💚 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards