Ancient Forest

Daily Oracle Card ~ Community
Ancient Forest
The towering ancient trees in a forest look distinct from one another. Yet beneath the surface of the earth, their roots are intertwined. The roots act like a kind of communication system throughout the community of trees.
Instantaneous messages travel through this underground system.
Nutrients can travel on this network. Trees at one side of the forest can supply the nourishment required on the other side of the forest. Danger at one end of the network is communicated to the far end of the intertwined roots.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Support is all around you, even if you are not consciously aware of it.
Allow yourself to be supported. Give encouragement to others.
The more you allow yourself to be supported, the more your dreams can come true.
If you believe that you have to do it all alone, you will. Your true family is not just blood relationships; sometimes the strongest family ties are friends who know who you are.
Sometimes they are your ancestors and soul family who reside in Spirit.
This card speaks of finding your community and your “people.” It is a card of remembering that your people are at your side—believing in you, loving you, and stranding strong beside you.
Call on your community, and ask for their assistance. They are only a thought away. 💜 Sacred Destiny Oracles