Daily Oracle Card ~ Adventures
Lofty Waterfall
Symbolically, water usually relates to emotions—moving water is moving and fluid emotions. It represents letting go and release.
Water also represents spirituality, and moving water can represent spiritual rejuvenation, regeneration, and renewal.
Water falling from a great height, such as a lofty waterfall, intensifies every meaning of water. The power of the moving water doesn’t allow life to be stagnant; it activates new experiences and adventures.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Something exciting is around the corner. You are entering a new frontier filled with expansive energy. Begin to look at your world in new and different ways.
Something that you thought was mundane, or someone whom you may have overlooked, will open the door to new opportunities and a bigger and bolder way of living. Be willing to see the world around you in new ways. Don’t be lulled into complacency.
This card appears when you’re ready to remove your blinders and take action so life doesn’t become stagnant and lackluster. It also can signify incredible spiritual attunement and spiritual voyages.🧡 Sacred Destiny Oracles