Daily Oracle Card ~ Wisdom
Depths of the Sea
The surface of the sea can be choppy and turbulent, but when we sink down into the depths, our surroundings are completely different. Often there is a stillness below.
In other cases, the surface of the sea might be placid, yet down in the liquid blue are a myriad of creatures and a variety of seaweeds.
A vast community of creatures is eating, mating, giving birth, and dying. What we see on the sea’s surface has very little to do with what is occurring below.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Things are not as they seem. Look beneath the surface in your life. For example, you might feel that you aren’t making progress on a particular project, yet beneath the surface, things are happening. Or you might be going through a stormy cycle.
This card is letting you know that even though the surface of your life might be a bit rocky or wobbly, in a deeper place all is well and serenity and peace are emerging.
Things that may seem challenging will later be revealed to have been beneficial. 💙 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards