The Cosmic Heart

Daily Oracle Card ~ THE COSMIC HEART
Devotion. Potency. Make your life a moving prayer.
When you surrender to a state of devotion, you find yourself flowing with all of life. You’re being called to refocus your attention deep within: to the intelligence of your own heart. To bow with deep reverence to your inner temple. To live your life in devotion to this place. To make your life one big moving prayer.
Perhaps you’ve felt a bit off kilter lately, sensing that the potency of why you’re doing things has gotten a little watered down or weak?
Perhaps you’ve forgotten what made you start doing them in the first place? If so, this is your call to take a moment and reconnect with the truth at the very center of your heart. To get back to the essence of what you’re about. To devote your life to what you care most about. To turn your gaze deep, deep, deep, deep.
There are seasons for harvesting and seasons for sowing. Right now, you’re being called to plant your soul’s seeds and sing to them with deep devotion. To feed them with the sweet waters of your own soul.
To lose yourself in the potency of what it is that most expands your heart.
To live your life according to what makes you come alive, rather than what everyone else thinks. To make your life one big moving prayer. 🩷 Starseed Oracles