Daily Oracle Card ~ MESSENGER
Sirius energy. Bringing harmony and balance.
You’re part of the lineage of souls who have dedicated their lifetimes to the upliftment of the planet. To returning time and again to seed the light. The crystalline ones. The ones who are here to plant the sacredness of life back in. To honor both the sacred feminine and masculine. To usher deep reverence back in.
Many Ascended Masters are thought to be connected to the energy of Sirius. Often appearing as a shade of blue, they hold the frequency of pure love and are here to help the masculine and feminine exist in harmony. To ensure greater balance. To help us see that we’re all connected and that the masculine and feminine energies exist within us all.
You’re being called to bring about this balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine. To be a guardian of harmony and balance on Earth. Think of the whales traveling around the globe, sharing love through their healing, vibrational song. Their unique notes send balance and harmony to every corner of the planet.
A rebalancing of the masculine and feminine is occurring worldwide. It’s a resurgence of the sacred within us all. A returning of the sacred union within. A rekindling of heaven and Earth. You can begin to bring harmony and balance by creating it in your own life the ripples will flow from there. You can honor and balance the sacred masculine and feminine energies within yourself and others. 💜
Starseed Oracles