Heal the Ouch

Daily Oracle Card ~ Heal the Ouch
“Forgiveness is the healer of the soul.”
Reversed this card is a message urging you to make amends
for any harm you’ve done to another. Appraise yourself honestly.
How have you been selfish, greedy, or inconsiderate of others?
Have you harbored resentment toward those who have harmed you in the past?
Practice deep and radical forgiveness.
In order to be free—to know healing—you must surrender your old hurts and begin anew.
Forgiving yourself and loving yourself is important, too.
Be humble and willing to admit to your weaknesses.
Know the imperfections of the human personality.
Walk tall as you take the path of the shaman,
the wise elder who is willing to go into the shadows
 to bring healing light to old wounds. 🖤Enchanted Map Oracle Cards