Earth Magic

Daily Oracle Card ~ Earth Magic.
Earth Magic speaks to the intrinsic relationship that you and all living things have with the consciousness of the Earth, also known as Gaia. Imagine the oak tree that begins its journey as an acorn gathering the life-force energy it needs from the Earth so it can sprout up from the ground.
Because you are part of nature, you follow the same cycle of manifestation. Everything you are, your evolution, and the successful manifestation of your dreams begin below the surface of consciousness until an idea comes, conviction takes hold, and something meaningful can be planted.⁠
Be still for a moment. Quiet your thoughts and imagine anchoring your energy to the sacred quality of being part of this living Earth. Do this mindfully to connect to this Divine intelligence with the power to create the perfect form from the essence of a tiny spark of life. Indeed, this is miraculous.⁠
The message now is to trust that the seeds you’ve planted in your field of dreams are in good hands. The Earth is a conscious, Divine Source of love that is doing its part on your behalf. Slow down, take in the beauty of your life now, and trust that what you are intending is being nourished and is growing.
There will be plenty of time later to tend to your garden, to water it and weed it. Great magic is germinating underground, working its way to the surface to deliver more blessings than you could imagine. Let it.⁠ 💙 Oracles of the 7 Energies.