Daily Oracle Card ~ Purity
First Snow
Before the first snow, the earth is dark and cold; fallen trees from autumn storms lay haphazardly atop the decaying leaves that cover the forest floor. However, when the first snow arrives, the darkness and decomposing soil are replaced by a purity that is light and bright. In the sunshine, the individual snowflakes atop the snowdrifts sparkle with crystalline light. Harsh sounds are muffled. Sharp corners and rugged edges are muted.
Everything feels fresh and new. Debris seemingly disappears beneath the pristine, white landscape. Softly falling snow illuminates the environment in a diffusion of swirling forms. At night, in the light of the full moon, the first snow is glowing and serenely silent, turning everything into an enchanted, fairy-tale realm. In some mystical traditions, descending snow symbolizes the transmission of knowledge from a higher plane (the heavens) to the lower planes (the earth), thus bringing purity to the earth.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
No matter what has happened in the past, everything can be fresh and new again. The purity of your soul is shining through everything that you encounter. You are entering into a period of grace. Simply open your heart and know that the best is yet to be.
The past does not need to equal the future. Your future can be (and will be) shimmering, sparkling, and bright. Old, limiting patterns are dropping away. Recurring challenges are releasing. This is a time of redemption, forgiveness, and holy healing. 💜 Sacred Destiny Oracles