Daily Oracle Card ~ FREYA. Radical Acceptance
Empowerment Message:
When you see life as a battleground, you lose sight of a more easeful way to be in the world. Can you stand in the middle of the chaos and allow yourself to center in the quiet hum in the eye of the storm?
Let the peace of Freya, the Norse goddess of war, enter your mind. Amid the flurry of battle, she came to collect the fallen and bring them to a place of rest and recuperation.
Freya is here to remind you that the acceptance of defeat is not the end. She offers the gift of acceptance, knowing there is nothing to resist right now. You can see your world at face value and look into it with discernment.
When you see with greater clarity, not taking this world so personally, you will not have to fight at all. If you take full stock of your conditions, surrendering to what is, you can move to higher ground, begin again, or wait until the drama dies down on its own. 
You are the strongest, most grounded, and most powerful when you remember this is the strategy the goddess Freya offers in your support. 💚 Goddess Power Oracles