Daily Oracle Card ~ Freedom
Cliff Swallow
The swallow flies free on wind currents and thermals in remarkable aerial maneuvers, igniting the expression “as free as a bird.” In many cultures, such as that of the ancient Egyptians, the swallow was thought to carry souls to heaven.
Early sailors would tattoo themselves with an image of a swallow, so if they drowned, the swallow would carry their soul to the heavens.
In poor light, a cliff swallow looks brownish gray; however, it is a luminous, metallic, dark blue in good lighting. Cliff swallows traditionally make their nests on vertical cliffs, carefully crafting them out of the mud.
Although they can nest solitarily, they usually nest in colonies. When one finds a cloud of insects, it alerts the other members of the flock so that all can be nourished. Even though they fly free, their community supports them.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Express yourself without hesitation. Break free and let your spirit fly. Make choices that increase your freedom. Don’t be tied down. Laugh, dance, explore, and go beyond predictable behaviour. Be daring.
Cast aside restrictions. Find your wings; as you do, you’ll help others find theirs. You are not here to be ordinary or live a mundane life; you are here to step beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries.
Do not be trapped by convention or the need to please others. Choose life on your terms. Don’t accept rules that don’t feel right.
You can be immensely free yet still part of a loving, supportive community. Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards