Energetic Protections

I energetically protect my place by putting sentinels in all the corners of my property and set the intention that no one can cross unless they have good intentions.

Funnily enough my neighbors have had less that desirable people stop in at their place wanting them to call us and ask if they could go on our land. the neighbor pretended he did not have our phone number. Thanks!!

To do this I imagine or visualize tall columns of rock or cement in each corner of the property, I then connect each of these with a string-like energy. voila. protected.

I also put extra at my gate one on each side, just for added energetic protection.

I have a client who told me since she did this it has cut down on the number of visitors that pop over unexpectedly. hmmm…… is wanting to waste your time a less than good intention, could be.

NOTE: The Jehovah Witness people still come and knock on the door, so their intentions are good, I am simply not interested.

Visualize or imagine this a few times a day, so that you only have to think of protecting and you can easily set up the boundaries. pretty soon it will become a habit.

Works for me, hope it works for all of you!