Wish Upon A Star

Do you believe your dreams can become real, or do you shrug them off and chide yourself for being unrealistic? What if you could trust that the world around you holds promise you have not yet realized? Perhaps the point all along is not how something can happen, but the power of wishing and intending.
We humans have multiple ways to ritualize “owning” a dream we want to see manifest in physical form. Think of a wishing well: you infuse a coin with your intention, tuning in to the feeling of having a particular experience. Tossing the coin into the well symbolizes the act of letting the “how” go, walking away, and allowing the universe to do its part in the co-creative partnership. Another method is to wish upon a star. In doing so, you also look back to our origins, for we are made of stardust.
Today, allow yourself to dream and play with different realities. Even if it seems impossible, if it calls you and feels good, why not choose it? Wish upon a star, then live as if your wish were already true. Know that those beautiful dreams you have been nurturing are in the process of becoming real. Don’t forget that the act of wishing, dreaming, and intending is more important than figuring out the “how.” It shows the universe you’re serious about playing the game of life and you trust the essence of the partnership. 
Remember: every dream you believe in and hope for is a call to a twinkling star. The answer will come, sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly. No wish is ever wasted. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies