Sad Embrace

Daily Oracle Card ~ Sad Embrace
“Loss is a part of life. Let go and allow time to heal you.”
Are you suffering over your suffering? Do you feel that life is treating you unfairly and that you’ve been robbed or deprived of what you’re entitled to? Do you long for a love that eludes you, or the success that has been bestowed upon others? Righteous anger and a sense of entitlement lead to a trap of ego.
Your suffering and loss will pass if you let them. If you hold on to your perception of unfairness, then you’ll find yourself in its tight grip, unable to breathe freely. The only solution is to drop your victim stance and embrace the sadness so that it may dissipate naturally in time.
Trials and tribulations build character, which is its own gift. Find something to be grateful for, and take responsibility for your part in all matters. However painful it may be to sit with your sadness, remember that you are loved and will not be left adrift forever. 
Have faith, for this, too, shall pass. You are not a victim, only a traveler on a hero’s journey. It’s okay to be disappointed for now, but know that someday you’ll look back and see great value in this experience. 💙 
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