Daily Oracle Card ~ PILLAR OF LIGHT
Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle.
You are heaven and Earth in perfect expression. A conduit for the light of the heavens to the Earth. You are the rainbow bridge.
Take time to meditate. Imagine yourself as a pillar of light connecting the light of the heavens above with the Earth. As the light shines through each of your chakras, you activate the rainbow bridge that many ancient scriptures speak about. Raising your vibration and the vibration of the planet.
Linking the higher realms of the cosmos, guides, angels, and spirit with the ancient wisdom keepers and beings of planet Earth. They dance together through you. They sing together through you. Without your body, voice, and creations neither can be expressed. For too long, we’ve been taught that God is outside of us, giving away our power to angels and spirit guides. But without you they do not have a voice.
You are the oracle. Do not look for guidance outside, for you hold all of the wisdom of the entire Universe in the portal of your heart. In every cell of your body. Do not see the angels and guides as above you, for without you they have no way of communicating. You are the oracle. You are the rainbow bridge. You are the pillar of light. 💖 Work Your Light Oracles