Archangel of Mental Makeovers

Daily Oracle Card ~ Archangel of Mental Makeovers.
If your thoughts are driving you crazy, Archangel Uriel is about to help you with a mental makeover. Divine has a few new ideas up its sleeve.
Archangel Uriel is known for carrying a torch. In this case, he is using a blowtorch to create new pathways in your thinking.
It may seem like you are really working your problem over with your brain, but your thoughts are actually working you over.
That’s why the archangel of the mental makeover has arrived on the scene. He has seen your thinking patterns. You may have been tricked into thinking you have done some good reasoning, but Uriel believes you are following a path into a mental maze.
Those spotlights he is shining are going to reveal new magical answers to some very old mental questions.
You may find yourself having new thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere. Uriel holds a torch of divine truth. God has plenty of imagination and humour to untangle your mental maze.
Uriel is his messenger when it comes to new thinking. You know how they have giant spotlights outside a movie premiere? Well, these spotlights tell you Uriel has arrived to help you with some new ideas.
Welcome to your Mental Makeover. 💜 
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