Water Faery

Daily Oracle Card ~ Water Faery
When the Water Faery swims up to you with her liquid magic, she reminds you that emotions and feelings may be running the show. She asks you to consider how you really feel about things, and why. She also reminds you that you are not your feelings; you are the one experiencing them.
Remember that as water flows, emotions change. The Water Faery also tells you that it’s time to lose your rigidity. Be fluid and willing at times to compromise, and allow change to happen.
If you’re happy right now, enjoy, for the Water Faery swirls her love around you. If things are making you sad, she comes to wash away your tears. The Water Faery knows the power of emotions, so when she appears, be mindful of them and how they affect you. 💙 Wisdom of Avalon Oracles