Wake Up

Daily Oracle Card ~ WAKE UP
Your body is warning you. It’s time to listen to its signals; it’s time to wake up!
DO you hear it? That’s your internal alarm clock going off. It’s rattling, jangling, just screaming: wake up! Your body is sending you all sorts of signals. It is time to listen. If your stomach hurts, you feel dizzy, you have been getting tingly, or perhaps tired, your body is sounding the alarm.
It may be telling you to get away from someone or a situation, to slow down or speed up, or just to take heed with your circumstances.
Sometimes, we don’t want to wake up. To avoid our alarm clocks, we unplug them from their power source, or try to turn them off.
Too much alcohol or sugar can slow your body’s signals. Your body’s alarm system is your friend.
Remember in those war movies, when it’s time for the submarine to do an emergency dive” Someone in the crew yells, alarm!
Whatever’s going on for you right now, it’s time to honour your body’s security system. To keep it running, it needs daily maintenance, clarity, and an occasional reset.
Before you throw your shoe at it, listen to what it’s trying to say. Your body is an antenna to heaven! Bless that jarring sound; your embodied alarm clock is going off.
It’s time to wake up! 💜Audacious Action Angels Oracles