Daily Oracle Card ~ Trust Jan 11, 2021
Desert Vision
The desert seems parched and devoid of life, yet it is to the desert that spiritual sojourners go to gain messages from the Creator. Traditionally, the desert is the place of spiritual cleansing, renewal, and profound healing visions. Just as desert terrains can feed our souls, they also nourish lands thousands of miles away. For example, the Sahara desert and the Amazon rain forest are a great distance from each other. One is a vast, dry area of sand and scrub, while the other is moist, lush, and green. And yet they are connected. Annually, thousands of tons of nutrient-rich dust from the Sahara crosses continents in the upper atmosphere and deposits vital phosphorus and other minerals to the Amazon, which is needful of those exact nutrients.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
This is a powerful and important card to receive. Even when things seem parched or not fruitful, a deeper energy speaks of the power of your inner knowing. Meditate.
Trust those nudges from the Universe. Your celestial advisors are close now. You are now open to receive some of the most important messages of your life through your intuition.
Your intuition is spot-on, so trust it. And even if there are some areas of your life that seem lackluster, know that other areas are being fertilized for a resplendent future. Have faith, and know that there is a higher purpose. 💙#SacredDestinyOracles