Daily Oracle Card ~ Trust
Do you have issues with faith Do you have expectations of betrayal? Do you trust the Mystery? Do you insist on mapping each tiny detail of your life, believing yourself to be the center of the universe? This marker reminds you that trust is required to move forward on your path.
Belief and trust in a Higher Power is about having faith that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is. It is timely for you to place your trust in the Divine, in your angels, and in the knowledge that there is a Divine plan for all.
This marker also asks you to remember that humankind is imperfect and, even if you place your trust in another, there is potential for this trust to be broken. This means that you need to be discerning and not trust blindly. Be mindful of who and what you place your trust in. Is this person, thing, or situation worthy?
In a relationship between you and the Mystery, you and the God/Goddess, and you and the Divine living planet, there is a sacred relationship where trust is never broken. Only you can break it by forgetting who you are: a spirit in temporary human form.
Remember who you are. 💚 Wisdom of Avalon