The Great Severing

Daily Oracle Card ~ THE GREAT SEVERING
Mars energy. Anger. Conflict. Softening to love.
This is a shadow card: one that may feel confrontational. Don’t be afraid it’s here to bring to the surface anything that’s standing in the way of letting love in. The warring planet of Mars is our constant reminder that it’s important to soften, forgive, and find our way back to love.
There are many things in the human experience that make it difficult for our heart and soul to stay open to the never-ending source of love.
We’re all wounded and our unconscious wounds inflict wounds on others. It can feel like a never-ending dance we can never escape. If we aren’t careful, before long we’ll see the world as a scary, dangerous place where fear and anxiety roam free.
If this card surfaces, it could be for two reasons. Firstly, for you to acknowledge the difficult emotions, situations, conflicts, wounds, and fears that are causing you pain and anxiety. And secondly, for you to find your way back to love.
When we’re hurt it’s normal to close off our heart to the world. To let the painful experience confirm the agony of separation in earthly life. Soften and find your way back to love anyway. When fear, anxiety, and paranoia paralyze you, it’s normal to want to hide away from others and the world.
Come out of your cave and soften your heart anyway. We’re all innocent children spinning our way around the world. Find a way to see the innocence in all people, especially yourself. 🧡 Starseed Oracles