The Great Gathering

It’s all coming together. Intuitive hits. Soul tribe.
You are being called to let your intuition move you physically.
You are connected to a group of souls who are weaving a web around the planet,
and as you travel and share your creations something is rethreaded.
This card is an acknowledgment that you are either being called to
connect with others who are like you at a soul level or that you already are.
You are being called to gather groups of people,
either by leading them or becoming part of a group that can support you
and your soul’s personal mission.
You are part of a group of souls who agreed to be here at this time
in history to heal yourself, your ancestral line, and the planet. 
To raise consciousness so that we can continue
to call this magnificent place home for eras to come.
One of many consciously choosing to devote your life
to something greater than yourself.
It’s time to call in your tribe by sharing your soul’s voice
and letting yourself be seen.
When you share what is real and true to you,
and you share the medicine that you most need,
those who are like you will gather around you.
You are your tribe; they are just like you.
And just as you are longing and searching for them,
they are longing and searching for you too.
💚 Work Your Light Oracles