The Golden Children

Inner child. Tenderness. Innocence. Rare gifts.
Golden Children (Children of the Sun) are highly advanced, extremely intelligent souls who are incarnating increasingly on planet Earth. They have little or no personal karma and possess incredible gifts and intuitive abilities.
Golden Children are born with a very clear mission many remember it from a young age and begin answering and sharing it early in life. Due to their unique intelligence, they may find themselves easily bored at school. Most have never incarnated on Earth before and so, if they’re not supported in the right ways, they struggle with physical life here. They’re often referred to as the ‘new humans.’
If you pull this card it may be a sign that you’re being called to mother, father, or nurture a child. You may be called to tend to your own inner child, a creative idea or project, or a new beginning.
To treat yourself or the new beginning with sweet, tender love. To nurture and nourish it. To give it every chance to grow and reach adulthood. To encourage it. To water it.
To see the world through the innocence of a child. To see yourself and all others as innocent children.
To remember that deep down, everyone is trying their best and if they’re treated with a tender heart, they’ll not harden as they journey through this great adventure called life. 🧡 Starseed Oracles