Daily Oracle Card ~ Stillness
Frozen Tundra
The tundra is a stark and severe landscape found in both the southern and northern hemispheres. It is usually bereft of most plant and animal life, and can only support very low-growing plants such as mosses and lichen.
The soil is frozen year-round, so it is impossible for trees to grow in that barren landscape. In the winter, the landscape is very cold and dark, and wild winds surge across the desolation.
Even in the summer, the land remains frozen, although the surface can be soggy and covered with lakes, marshes, ponds, and bogs that become havens for millions of migrating birds.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Take a step back from a project, situation, or relationship, even if for just a few moments. Mend bridges. Slow down. Breathe. Be still. Go within. Listen to your inner voice. Take time to connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, and spiritual guardians. Listen to your higher self. Timing is everything. This is not a good time to start a new cycle. Wait. Incubate.
Fix things that need fixing. Heal things that need healing. Think things through. Forgive yourself and others. If things seem barren, or even bleak, hold on. Just as the migrating birds find new life in the tundra marshes in the summer, you too will expand once again during the coming thaw in your life. 💜 Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards