Daily Oracle Card ~ Standstill
A swamp is a low-lying area with woody plants (shrubs and trees) where water collects and saturates the ground. During rainy seasons, swamplands become overwhelmed with water. The edge of the swamp is often a quagmire of mud and silt. But an abundance of plants and swamp insects dwell there. Because of the sticky nature of the mud, it is often impossible to walk through swamplands. Even trying to maneuver with a boat can be difficult and treacherous because of dense vegetation.
However, there is great value in swamplands. They act as natural flood control, as runoff can be temporarily stored in their basins. They keep the land around them from washing away. Lush vegetation provides a haven for nesting birds and waterfowl as well as habitat to mammals such as beaver. Freshwater swamps near the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in the Middle East are part of the Fertile Crescent and contributed to the fertility of the land for the earliest humans.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
If it feels that some areas of your life have slowed down, or even come to a standstill, you are right. Something is not progressing. Even if it seems that things are flowing, look beneath the surface; perhaps something is immovable.
The first step to becoming unstuck is to acknowledge where you are. The soul loves the truth. In life you can either say, “There are no weeds! There are no weeds!” Or you can notice the weeds and begin pulling them out.
Notice what isn’t working in your life, and then take slow, steady steps to unblock the barriers. In nature, when one is being sucked into mud, the worst thing to do is struggle.
The best thing to do is slowly and carefully, one step at a time, extricate yourself. 🧡 Sacred Destiny Oracles