Soul Family

Daily Oracle Card ~ SOUL FAMILY
Call in your tribe. You don’t have to do it alone.
It is time to call in your soul family and support team. People who get you at soul level. People who are the same kind of weird as you. People who are your chosen family. They are coming and they are looking for you.
If you haven’t found them yet this is a sign that they are close by. But in order for them to find you and recognize you when they do, it is important that you stop dimming your light and truly let yourself be seen.
If you have already found them, then you are being called to let them support you and perhaps also assemble a wider support team.
Your support team can consist of all types of people, such as a therapist, coach, mentor, or healer. Tune in to what kind of support you need now. 💖 Work Your Light Oracles