Sky of Mind

Daily Oracle Card ~ Sky of Mind.
When you become the master of your own mind, troubling thoughts come and go like clouds moving across a clear blue sky. To manifest anything significant, you must distinguish between fantasy and imagination. Attachment to the fantasy of what life should be obscures important information in the moment, leading to disillusionment and disappointment. On the other hand, imagination enhances reality, not so much changing it as expanding our perception of it, revealing a higher order.
The key to using your imagination-without letting it run away with you- involves the practice of mindfulness, which trains the brain and the ego simultaneously, bringing them into balance with reality and releasing even higher, deeper, more creative forms of consciousness.
When you stop ruminating on the past and planning for the future, when you let go of preconceived notions and simply notice what is happening from moment to moment, you`re exercising mindfulness.
It`s easier said than done because the ego relentlessly tries to defend its self-serving theories. For instance, people invested in their own superiority will record and replay experiences that bolster this view while ignoring the evidence suggesting that other races and species have different, yet equally valid, perspective gifts.
The alternative involves a willingness to see the world as it is while imagining fresh ways of relating to an ever-emerging, more richly nuanced vision of reality. With your mental faculties revealing the truth instead of defending a self-image, you`ll begin to live life as an improvisatory art instead of a rigid formula.
Of course, you will, at times, remember the past ( as opposed to obsessing over it) and plan for the future( without becoming overly attached to a particular scheme).
You`ll reclaim the Universe-given gift for creativity in the most constructive, life-affirming sense. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles